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Deluxe Gift Bible

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The King James Bible: Beautiful. Trustworthy. Timeless.

In 1611, the King James Version Bible, also known as the Authorized Version, was published. Today, more than 400 years since its initial publication, the bestselling King James Version Bible continues to inspire, encourage, and strengthen people from all walks of life. The KJV is considered one of the most influential and beautiful works of literature in the English language and continues to be the favorite translation for millions of Christians. Thomas Nelson has faithfully stewarded the rich tradition of publishing the King James Version Bible since its start in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1798.

About Comfort Print

The KJV Comfort Print Typeface was designed by 2K/Denmark as a special commission from Thomas Nelson. The designers sought to reflect the publisher’s rich 200-year tradition with the KJV, while also embodying the best advancements in modern Bible typography. The result is a distinctive new Bible typeface that is uncompromisingly beautiful, bold, readable at any size, and perfectly suited to the King James Version.