Language of Love and Respect

Language of Love and Respect

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Why does communication between couples remain the number one marriage issue? Because most spouses don't know that they speak two different languages.

Communication expert Dr. Emerson Eggerich says that the problem is couples are sending each other messages in 'code,' but they won't crack that code until they see that she listens to hear the language of love and he listens to hear the language of respect.

Dr. Eggerichs' best-selling book, Love and Respect, launched a revolution in how couples relate to each other. In The Language of Love and Respect, you will discover:

  • The basic communication differences between men and women
  • A biblical perspective with easy-to-use tips and advice
  • A quick review and summary for each chapter

This book offers a practical, step-by-step approach for how husbands and wives can learn to speak each other’s distinctly different language -- respect for him, love for her. The result is mutual understanding and a successful, happy marriage.