R. A Torrey: Apostle of Certainty

R. A Torrey: Apostle of Certainty

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James Stalker, in his book, The Life of Paul, said:

"There are some men whose lives it is impossible to study without perceiving the impression that they were expressly sent into the world to do a work required by the juncture of history on which they fell."

Is it possible to conceive of the rise and spread of Christianity apart from Paul? In similar fashion Reuben Archer Torrey was called as an apostle for the hour in which he lived.

Torrey did not desire that his biography be written. A humble man who sought to give Christ the preeminence, he feared excessive eulogizing. However, just such a work needed to be done, and truly, a thorough biography of R. A. Torrey was long overdue.

Hence, we present to you this thoroughly researched tome by Dr. Martin. The aim of this volume is not to diminish but rather to exhibit the glory of God as it was manifest in the life of His servant, Dr. R. A. Torrey.