See No Evil
See No Evil
See No Evil
See No Evil
See No Evil

See No Evil

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by George Crabb

Experiencing Victory over Pornography + Sexual Addiction

Few people realize how addictive pornography and other unbiblical sexual behaviors really are...until they are trapped in bondage.

For the person who is in its grasp, sexual addiction feels hopeless. For the person who desires to assist, it feels helpless. Is there a way out? Is there hope for recovery and healing?

The answer is yes! Christ, who is the truth, provides the truth you need to be made free from pornography or other sexual addictions. This book is written to direct you to the way of escape God has already provided.

These pages will help you understand:

• How you became involved in this destructive behavior

• The depth of your present involvement

• The consequences of your involvement

• God’s provision for freedom

• The healing process

Many people go to great lengths to hide their sexual addictions. But God already knows everything about you . . . and He still loves you. He knows where you have been, and He knows where you are going. He alone can deeply and profoundly transform you, giving you the freedom you long for. It is time for you to start your journey of healing through Christ.

As part of the biblical counseling series from Striving Together Publications, this book is also written to assist those who seek to provide hope and help through God’s Word for those who struggle.