The Promise and the Light
The Promise and the Light
The Promise and the Light

The Promise and the Light

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A Christmas Retelling 

By Katy Morgan 

What if you were visited by an angel one night who told you that you were to give birth to the Son of God? How would you feel? What might you think? 

Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first-person accounts, The Promise and The Light tells the stories of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas. Written in a lively and engaging style, this imaginative yet biblically faithful book will captivate children aged 8-12. 

Readers will be able to get inside the hearts and minds of some of the key players in the Christmas story and will appreciate the power and excitement of what happened and why it is so amazing for us today. 

With 25 chapters, readers may choose to read a chapter a day during Advent. 

Notes at the back highlight the known facts versus the imaginative parts.