When Fear Meets Faith
When Fear Meets Faith
When Fear Meets Faith

When Fear Meets Faith

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Are you afraid of what others might think of you? Is it difficult for you to trust others? Do you find yourself crippled by the idea of being harmed? Life in a sinful world provides many reasons to feel afraid. From fearing the approval of man to fearing physical harm, we all experience fear in some way. Fear reminds us of our limitations and illuminates our desire for protection. But how are Christians called to deal with the reality of their fears? 

Over the course of this 3-week study, we will look to the pages of the Bible to understand God’s intentions for our fears. We will learn what it looks like to turn from false comforts and live with ultimate trust in God’s perfect provision and care.

This study will:

* Discuss how to approach our fear in light of the Gospel 

* Explore the differences between the Fear of Man vs. the Fear of God


Remind you of God’s love, the hope of the gospel, and the presence of God who provides lasting peace in the midst of fear


Special resources within the study:

* The Attributes of God

* Metanarrative of Scripture

* How to study the bible

* Study suggestions

* Fear of The Lord in the book of Proverbs 

* Heart diagnosis 

* "When I am Afraid" flowchart 


Key themes or topics covered: fear, faith, trust, dependence, anxiety and more

Details (size of book, number of pages, generic layout) 

* This study is perfect for individuals or groups

* Each week contains 5 days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions 

* Measures 8” x 10”

* Includes 92 pages